Latest News

Book There is always a first time for everything, so this time I decided to write a book, in specific a Swift Cookbook, which is going to be published in April of 2015.

Translation after about zillion years, I have translated this page into English and Portuguese. Click on the flags above to change the language. Thanks Jelena Helen for your help.

Master I am planning a new master on mobile technologies, hoping to be able to give you news about it soon.

Twitter I'm not sure what a twitter serves for, in fact, it seems quite silly. Anyway, I've created another: @computersguy

Motorbike license. Although I can´t ride a bicycle, I have taken up motorcycle classes, so if you write and I don´t answer, it will only mean that I have already died in my attempts to do so.



Welcome to the blog of Cecil Eduardo Campos Costa, software architect and founder of Conglomo Consulting & Training.

The intention of this website is to ease my communication with my clients and students.

For those who do not know me, I am a freelance professonal from the IT world; as you can imagine, as a freelancer, I must tackle all the branches of my profession, starting from application development to managing projects. .

Due to the fact that the world of technology changes very frequently and bearing in mind the number of years of experience that I have, I have been through different stages of languages, environments and very different methodologies. To give you an idea, at the beginning of my career, there was only desktop application programming and maintenance; later on, it turned fashionable to transfer everything to the web environment, up to the present time, in which mobile environment has become very trendy.

I hope that here you will find all the information about me that you may be looking for; regarding any question, you can go to the contact section ;).