• Period: July 2005 to October 2007
  • Technologies: C++, mysql, Java, Python, Linux, BASH, CVS, Subversion, POO, UML, analysis.
  • Job Description: Development project called NA. This project was entirely created by DIA% to be used in theirs POS (Point-of-sale). In this company, I took part in 3 groups para ser utilizado en las TPVs de sus tiendas. En esta empresa he estado en 3 grupos:
    • Stock Group: where we developed modules for inventory management, ordering, counting, etc. Test units were made in CPPUnit or Python.
    • Control Group:we launched versions of the application, developed modules for the general operation of the program and corrected errors found in test and production phase
    • Financial Group: tax control.
  • Experience obtained:Excellent experience where I learned how to manage large IT projects, greatly improved knowledge of C++ and object-oriented programming in order to manage and enhance development in Conglomo Consulting & Training.