• Period: since 1998 till present.
  • Technologies: C, Solaris, AIX5L, Linux, Korn Shell, Visual Basic, Java, J2EE, Python, UML, Windows, Office, Subversion, POO, .NET (C#, VB, ASP), Android, IOS, etc....
  • Job Description: freelance work is not so easy to describe. In this phase, I started only with the training branch and it has resulted in a real project manager. There were all kinds of work, including consulting, development, maintenance, etc ...
    In the second phase as a freelance, I took part in various freelance projects as a trainer, programmer, analyst and consultant. The applied technologies varied, and, depending on the project, were used with more or less emphasis. I should point out the fact that I had to make and use: unit testing, continuous integration, incident management and ticketing, investigation, evaluation and use of research frameworks.
    There were works done at clients´ offices and remotely.
  • Experience obtained: Lots of experience, both in technology and in methodology as well as in the sales / business. Unifying these experiences led to the creation of Conglomo Consulting & Training.