Nova Quality

  • Period: January 2005 to June 2005
  • Technologies: ANSI C, MySQL, Windows, Linux PCs and Itanium.
  • Job Description: Software Development at ANSI C with MySQL database, where I did data analysis and data mining based on database of NH Hoteles. The application was written in Windows, but in the final stage it was ported to Linux servers on Itanium. For this project, we had to write UDFs in C to hook them to the database server
    In the second project, diverse programs in C were created to treat Grupo Zena data extracted in plain text files; unfortunately, there was no time to port it to any Unix server.
  • Experience obtained: Development time has served to improve the vision of the databases, such as SQL query optimization and server. It was also a good experience to learn new topics needed in companies such as data mining, data quality and data warehouse. Some years later, this knowledge helps creating Conglomo Consulting & Training.